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Hi, I am Angela Ulmer and I am living in Mcclellan Afb, CA. Before anything else I would like to ask two questions from you.

Are you tired of looking fat every day you see yourself in mirror?

Are you feeling you get worst gene that doesn’t allowing your body to lose weight?

Fitness timeIf you answered yes to any of these questions then today you are going to get solution for all your problems. When it comes to weight loss then there are numerous programs out there. Some of them focus on strict diet while others focus on extreme workout. But, today I am going to reveal totally different and unique program.

The name of this program is 6 Minutes to Skinny and in this program you are going to find out how you can take advantage of your body cycles (that your body gets everyday) and utilize it for permanent weight loss.

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Let’s take a closer look on this program.

Detailed Review:

6 Minutes to SkinnyThe creator of this program Craig Ballantyne called it “6 Minutes to Skinny” because the foundation of this program is a simple 6 minutes morning routine. Craig created this program in simple and easy way that everyone can follow easily in his or her busy life. In this program Craig introduce ‘Metabolic Cycling’ which is simple but powerful system for fat burning.

This is the only program I have seen in my whole life that provide faster and healthier fat burning metabolism by trapping your body into natural and safe fat burning cycle called ‘Metabolic Cycling’ without any processed food diets or boring cardio.

Craig designed this program in such a way in which everyone can apply this program in his/her life. This program works for me and it will also work for you even if you think you got worst genetics for fat loss in whole world, or you got terribly slow metabolism or even if you think you tried everything. This program changes lives of many people including me and if you stay with the instructions and strategies Craig laid in this program then you can also get positive results from this program.

Additionally, in this program you are going to learn:

  • How to create ‘Metabolic Cycle’ in your body by using simple 6 minutes trick
  • How to create fat-burning metabolism in your body
  • How to burn belly fat in safe and healthy way
  • Foods that increases belly fat that you should avoid
  • Delicious shakes recipes
  • … And much more

Here’s the video that will explain more about this program:

skinny video

How Does It Work?

The best thing I like about this system is simplicity. Craig designed this program in such a simple way that everyone can adopt and starts burning fat. Craig designed this program in simple 2 steps that are:

Step #1 >> 4-minute movement

Step#2 >> 2-minute shake

Strawberry milkshakeIn this program you will get videos for movements that you have to do every morning along with recipe for healthy protein and nutrient shake to start off your morning in healthy way.

Many previous weight loss programs failed because they provide results with very slow pace. However, with this program you can get quick results by making the habit of these two steps every morning.

Craig suggested this morning routine for 4 weekdays in a week. Once habit is created then you can use movement videos (in members’ area) and personalized nutrition plan to accelerate your results. You can use this personalized nutrition plan in your lunch and dinner meals to get even fast and healthy weight loss.

Craig did all the hard work for you and created videos that explain ingredients you need for preparing these healthy and fat-burning shakes every morning.

Additionally this technique is proven to work as there are many men and women who lost ugly fat from their bodies and now they are enjoying happy life.

Here are some reviews:


Why It Works?

Probably, you also want to know why this program works and what is the main secret behind this program that makes it so powerful?

This program is based on a secret that Craig discovered after 16 years of studying and analyzing tissues reaction in metabolic cycle. The secret of this program is very uncommon and available nowhere except inside this program.

The secret of this program is based on Metabolic Cycling. Body passes through different cycles in a day. The most important cycle that body gets is when you wake up in the morning. The cycle your body gets in the morning when you wake up is very crucial for fat burning.

If you take advantage of this cycle and feed your body right foods then enzymes will start signaling your body to burn FAT for fueling body organs. But, if you missed out this opportunity then your body will start storing fat throughout the day.

When you adopt the 2-step morning routine revealed by Craig in this system then biochemical and hormones changes take place in your body. These hormone changes transform your body into fat-burning machine and your body will continue burning fat all day long. Don’t worry these hormone changes are completely natural and safe. Many people get positive results without any side-effects and I am the living proof of it.

You will get instant results when you complete this 2-step morning routine. You will be feeling full, confidence, energetic and most importantly your body will be burning 450% more fat.

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Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig BallantyneI am sure you know there are many weight loss programs that are created by authors that never exist. But when we talk about 6 Minutes to Skinny then Craig Ballantyne is one of the highly recognized strength and conditioning trainer who is also the writer of Men’s Health Magazine. Beside this, Craig is also the member of Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness that proves that he is highly reputable.

Craig also wrote different articles on fat burning/muscle building for Oxygen Magazine. He obtained his master degree in Exercise Psychology from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

Final Verdict:

In the end of this review I like to say, I did my best to explain all the secrets and techniques you are going to learn inside this program. Additionally it is important to mention that you will be getting 60 days money back guarantee to test this program for 60 days without any risk.

If you are like me who always remain busy with social life, building career and don’t have long hours everyday to dedicate for fat loss then 6 Minutes to Skinny is designed perfectly for you.

Get started with this program and Get Your New Skinny Body!!

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